It finally happened…

13 04 2010

To no one’s surprise, Twitter will now sell advertisements. The company unveiled its plan today with 10 inital companies on board. I am interested to see how these companies will change their marketing plans for this. Afterall, most have Twitter accounts already. Will they split their time between their accounts and paid advertisements or go all for one area? Will the two be integrated?

Also, how will users respond? As with anything, some will hate it while others will embrace it. Regardless, it is probably here to stay.


Tweets=Shoppers New Best Friend

9 03 2010

So I am reading a blog and see: “In 2009, Dell made over $6.5 million through Twitter.” Now that caught my attention!

CheapTweet allows users to search for deals my category.  It will then customize a stream of tweets according to their votes and Twitter conversations. This is supposed to lead to less spam (think email overload which is typical when signing up to find deals online).

Being “new” to Twitter, I am still getting accustom to many of the services offered. This is one I need to look at a little closer. Today’s world is so fast paced. I really look for services like CheapTweet to catch on because after all consumers seem to gravitate towards convenience.

I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

Charity and Cellphones

3 03 2010

Charity work and volunteerism has played an important role in my life for years and a new cellphone app is making donating to charities even easier. To use the application, CauseWorld, you go to your regular local stores (such as grocery stores) and “check in” on your application. It uses GPS to track your location. Just by “checking in” you earn “karma points” which can be donated to a charity. You can pick where you want your donation to go.  Causes to donate to include: “Prevent Child Abuse America”, “American Red Cross”, “Feeding American”, and many more.

So if you have a mobile iPhone or Android phone, I invite you to check it out!

Social Media and Mobile Communication play important role in Haiti

15 01 2010

The devastating earthquake this week in Haiti is making headlines around the world and people are responding. The thing that is suprising me is the way they are responding. Within the first 36 hours after the earthquake over $7 million dollars in pledges had been made via texting to help with relief.

Major carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are backing the campaign by not charging for text-messaged mobile donations. The donations will be added to the user’s monthly bill.

Social media is also playing a powerful role:

Although many times we think about social media for daily communication and marketing, rarely do we consider for it emergencies. I have been amazed the ways that social media is helping families and relief workers to communicate. I will continue to follow this one closely and pray for those affected by horrific disaster.

Document Protection

12 01 2010

I back up my documents (and sometimes photos) on jump drive and occassionally email myself a copy. I really had not given too much though to lost documents that is until a couple of months ago…

At 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning my mom called to tell me a family friend had lost everything the night before in a fire, cell phones, computers, family photos, clothing. The only thing they had left were the clothing they were wearing at 3 a.m. in the morning when the fire broke out.

My heart broke for them. I can not imagine (and hope I never know) what they felt like. Their experience made me re-evaluate my own life. For instance, I now upload my photos to Shutterfly. Photos are VERY important to me because I truly believe that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” However, I still need to take additional steps to protect documents.

A recent article that caught my eye discusses a new offer from Google. They are selling additional storage space online. Currently, Google offers unlimited storage of Google Doc. With this new upgrade, people will be able to save files in their original form.

I think this is a good move by Google. This could easily be marketed through stories such as the one of my family friend. It will be interesting to see the marketing approach they decide on with this one…

Apple’s Apps Reach New Heights

6 01 2010

Recent reports show that Apple’s App have surpassed 3 billion downloads. In addition, Christmas gift cards lead to a volume of downloads that was 13 times greater than all Android photos.

Apple’s mark on the technology world is undeniable and I think we have only seen the beginning.   Already making the news this week, Apple is set to release its new tablet. Although few details are known, Apple is causing the techonology world to buzz once again.

Now take a look at the video of apple inventions…

Now think back about 5 years ago…all of this was unthinkable. Look ahead to the next decade, I can’t help but wonder what will be next…

Visiting the Doctor Online?

23 12 2009

Just as Congress is in heated debates over healthcare, a different aspect of the future of (online) healthcare comes forward.

A new health program is allowing Texas residents to visit the doctor through video chat. A division of UnitedHealth Group (the nation’s largest health insurer) is behind the idea of what is being called the NowClinic. The group claims that this will help with the shortage of primary care physicians and eliminate time wasted dealing with appointment and insurance claims. Anyone, regardless of insurance coverage, can utilize the service for $45.

Reactions from doctors are mixed. Some do not like the idea because it takes away the one-on-one contact. Others say it is a less expensive way to provide care and like the idea.

Now for my opinion: I am against it.

Doctors need personal interaction with patients. You can not check someone’s ears over the computer! Furthermore, how can you truly see a person clearly? (Take a look at this screen shot.) The decisions doctors make depends on a lot more than what is said. This is just too big of a risk.

Also, I really do not like that the doctors are able to prescribe medications through this service. If a doctor can not examine the person fully, how do they know the right prescription is being prescribed?!

As my emerging media class comes to a conclusion, I am excited about what the future holds. I think technology can really benefit all of us in various ways. However, there are still limits and areas where “traditional” is best. I am just not on board with “going to the doctor” online!

Ok, time to hear what you think? Is this a good move? Would you utilize this for your family?